Sienna Empressa Digital Steam Press Review

You would expect a large household steam press to have many interested buyers simply because the choices are limited. Many people do like a big steam press that can fit adult shirts and pants better compared to the usual smaller models that you often find. But the Sienna Empressa digital steam press does not impress although it boasts of being the largest home steam press on the market. This review will reveal its pros and cons.

Sienna Empressa Digital Steam Press Review

sienna empressa digital steam press

The Empressa has the following features:

  • 1350-watt
  • Nonstick pressing plate
  • LED display system
  • Steam burst
  • Auto shut-off
  • Temperature ready indicator light
  • Steam ready indicator light
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Size: 34.75″ (W) x 22″ (D) x 8″ (H)

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sienna empressaThe smaller steam presses usually have a pressing area that is 7 times the size of a soleplate of a regular iron. But the Sienna Empressa has a pressing surface that is 10 times larger that it can reduce ironing time by up to 70%. The pressing area measures 34″ by 12″. The pressing plate has a nonstick coating to minimize starch build-up while the ironing board comes with a nonstick, padded cover.

To press any garments, you simply need to lower the pressing plate against the ironing board for a few seconds (no longer than 5 seconds). For stubborn wrinkles, you can also use the steam burst function by pressing the button on the handle for 1 second when the press is about an inch above the fabric before closing it down.

Steam is available for the wool, cotton and linen setting. To change the settings, you can go to the LED contol panel and push the up and down arrows to get to your desired setting. it will take about 4 minutes for the press to reach the linen temperature. The power, temperature and steam ready lights will illuminate when powered up and ready to go.

The Empressa can take in about 15 ounces of water. According to the manual, distilled water is preferable and any remaining water can be left in the tank after you are finished with your chore as it is not removable. If you have left the press idle for 10 minutes with the pressing plate raised, the auto shut-off will activate with a beeping sound. Otherwise, 10 seconds is the cut-off before the appliance shuts down if the pressing plate is closed.

Weighing about 29 lbs, you can lock the unit up by turning a locking knob for easy storage. It can be a little heavy for some; more than 10 lbs heavier than the best ironing boards out there.

Should You Buy The Sienna Empressa Steam Press?


  1. Large pressing area – This is one of the Empressa’s main selling points. As comparison, the Singer ESP2 has a pressing surface of 24″ x 9″ compared to the Empressa’s 34″ by 12″. This makes pressing larger-sized garments quicker as you need less presses to complete one item, hence, saving time in the process.
  2. Steams well – The unit gives you a steam burst for tougher wrinkles and it is also hot enough to give crisp reuslts. It’s 100 lbs pressure gives near permanent creases where needed as well. This is where a steam press is better over a regular iron, even the best Rowenta irons.
  3. Simple to operate – The Empressa uses computer-controlled technology with a LED display panel. There are just 2 buttons (up and down) to press to arrive at your fabric setting and the unit will adjust accordingly to give you the best results.


  1. Temperature loss – Quite a few customers have voiced out the the Sienna Empressa does not hold temperature well. It loses heat after activating the steam burst and you will then have to wait for it too regain temperature. Once the unit’s temperature drops below a certain level, the steam would not work and this is what frustrates users.
  2. Opening is too narrow – The opening angle between the pressing plate and ironing board is too narrow for some that their knuckles often get burned by the hot pressing plate when arranging their garments on the board.
  3. High price – We have seen the Empressa being sold for over $300 at times which is pretty expensive for household ironing. As comparison, the popular Steam Fast SF-680 is about $30 to $70 less at different times and has a better rating overall although smaller in size.

It is indeed hard to justify paying so much for the Sienna Empressa digital steam press. The heat loss complaints from customers do not make us comfortable at all about its durability. While we like the large pressing surface which we think is more practical for adult clothings and large items, the risk is on the high side on its potential malfunction judging by customers’ feedback.

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Therefore, save your money and get a smaller unit that has better ratings overall. It will take you more time to complete your pressing, but it will still be faster than ironing once you get things right over time. Take a look at the Sienna Elite which is much cheaper and has digital controls just like the Empressa for a lower investment risk.

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