Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force Iron Review

The Rowenta DW9280 is one of the company’s top notch steam irons. It uses a newer technology to push more steam into the fabric for better ironing results. Consequently, it is also a little pricey for a small household appliance. Is the stronger steam output satisfactory for the majority of buyers given the high price? This review will check this iron out in greater detail.

Rowenta DW9280 Review

rowenta dw9280 steam force iron

The iron has the following features among others:

  • 1800-watt
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Ready-Temp system
  • Spray mist
  • Steam burst with precision shot
  • Variable steam
  • Vertical steam
  • Smart steam motion sensor
  • Anti-calc
  • Anti-drip
  • Self-clean
  • 3-way auto off
  • Size: 11.4″ x 4.9″ x 6″

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rowenta steam force dw9280 soleplateThis is a steam iron with all the bells and whistles. The soleplate is stainless steel but coated with an ultra-thin silicate coating. The coating gives it a tougher and smoother surface so that it has better nonstick and scratch-resistant properties. All over the soleplate are micro steam holes for optimal steam diffusion. There is also a precision tip with a precision shot zone for steam concentration when the shot of steam is activated which gives off an output of 210 gram/minute. The pump injection technology also delivers 30% more steam into the fabric compared to other irons.

The other notable feature is the Smart Steam Motion Sensor. Basically, this feature helps to conserve electricity and water as it stops the iron from steaming when it is not in motion. As for the Ready-Temp, it digitally controls the soleplate temperature with a LED display to indicate when the desired temperature level has been reached.

The Rowenta Steam Force DW9280 has a thermostat knob below the handle for fabric and temperature settings. The steam output is automatically adjusted to suit the fabric selection. Other features include a anti-calc and self-cleaning system for flushing out mineral deposits. The iron also has a 3-way auto shut-off for safety with a 8-minute and 30-second time window before shutting off when left on its heel and soleplate respectively. If you want an iron without an auto off feature for quilting, then check out the Rowenta DW5197.

The Rowenta DW9280 has a cord length of 7 feet with 360-degree pivot and water tank capacity of 10.8-ounce.

For a closer look of the iron, you can watch Rowenta’s promotional video below:

Should You Buy The Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force Iron?


  1. LED display – The LED light blinks until the desired temperature is reached. It also blinks when it is cooling down when you change to a lower setting. This makes it easy to see compared to other irons with a just a tiny light.
  2. Lots of steam – The steam power is there as it can take out wrinkles with ease even on cotton and linen. Most buyers are happy that the iron can heat up quickly in a minute and combining the steam and power with the pump injection technology, the steam blast works well on stubborn wrinkles. You can also still get steam on the lower setting by pressing the steam shot button at the top of the handle. Another iron with the Steam Force technology is the Rowenta Steamium.
  3. Steam sensor – Some irons tend to give out steam even when left on its heel when you are re-arranging the garment. The smart steam sensor in the Rowenta DW9280 stops the iron from steaming unnecessarily to save on water. You can also take a look at the Rowenta DW6080 for an iron that is designed to conserve energy and water.
  4. Cuts down on ironing time – Quite a few users have made this comment of how the iron has made ironing easier and faster. It would be if you have been using more basic irons. The heat of the DW9280 is super hot and with the steam output, you can get things done quicker. The large and slick soleplate also helps to speed things along. One customer has said that this iron has cut down on her ironing time by 15% while another has mentioned ironing shirts is now taking him 2 to 3 minutes compared to 6 to 7 minutes previously.
  5. German-made – This would be one of its selling points because buyers would naturally trust a German-made appliance more than a Chinese-made one. The premier Rowenta irons are made in Germany unlike their cheaper models. The Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master is another model that is made in the European country.


  1. Heavy – The Rowenta DW9280 is a pretty heavy iron at close to 4 lbs compared to say, the Panasonic NI-C78SR which only weighs about 3 lbs.  So, it can be tiring on the wrist for some.
  2. Dark colored water tank – A few users have made this complaint that the water level is hard with the dark colored water tank.
  3. Guzzles up water – Because of the high volume of steam output, you will need to refill the tank quite frequently. Some buyers have mentioned refilling is needed every 3 shirts or so. It would also tend to have reduced steam when the water is less than half the tank.
  4. Defective – Complaints of the iron breaking down are there. From a faulty steam burst button to the iron quit working completely, there has been a range of different complaints on Amazon. However, to be fair, the complaints are far fewer than the positive compliments.

Some people seem to think that the Rowenta DW9280 is over-priced. No doubt, it is risky to spend over $100 for a clothes iron. But if you want the best steam iron for the job, it is a risk you have to take. The feel and results you get with a $20 iron is far different than what a $100 iron can give you.

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The bottomline is generally, most buyers are happy with the performance of the Rowenta DW9280. In this respect, it is worth the risk if you want a clothes iron that steams well and hot enough for cotton and linen fabrics. However, if you can live with less than stellar results, then this iron would be over the top for you. Go one step down and settle for the Rowenta DW5080 and you may be happier with the price and corresponding quality.

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