Rowenta DG5030 Review : Pro Iron Steam Station

The Rowenta DG5030 is a little different than traditional steam irons because it has a separate water tank that is far larger for more steam output. Some people do prefer a steam station because of the amount of steam that can be produced without the need for constant refilling of the tank. But is this Rowenta pressure iron and steamer the one to get if you want a steam station? We will go through this model in greater detail in this review.

Rowenta DG5030 Review

rowenta dg5030

Features of the Rowenta DG5030 include:

  • 1750-watt
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Vertical steam
  • Variable steam
  • Steam on demand
  • 33-ounce water tank
  • 12-foot power cord
  • Compact base
  • Size: 12.75″ x 10″ x 11″

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rowenta dg5030 pro ironAccording to their promotional video, the Rowenta DG5030 Pro Iron Steam Station can cut your ironing time in half. This is because this 1750-watt iron produces 3 times more steam than an average steam iron and the pressure from the steam on demand penetrates deeply into the fabric to remove wrinkles with ease or to press in sharp creases.

It has a highly polished stainless steel soleplate. The steam vents are scattered uniformly on the soleplate with smaller vents near the tip. Steam is released when the handle trigger is activated. The steam flows from the water tank to the iron via a 6-foot cord. The water tank capacity is 33 ounces, enough for 90 minutes of continuous steaming. You can use tap water with the Rowenta Pro Iron Steam Station unless the water in your area is extremely hard. In that case, a 50% mix of tap and distilled water is recommended.

The variable steam control is located on the boiler unit. It is in the form of a knob which you can turn to your desired setting. Turn on the On/Off switch to start once you have filled the tank with water. It will take about 7 minutes for the steam to be ready. This unit can also be used for dry ironing as well as vertical steaming.

The temperature control dial is on the iron itself. It is located below the handle. The trigger for the steam on demand is underneath the front of the handle where your index finger would normally be when you grip it. The power cord of the Rowenta DG5030 is extra long at 12 feet.

Check out the video below for how the Rowenta Pro Iron works:


Rowenta DG5030 Vs DG8430

Rowenta DG8430
Rowenta DG8430

The Rowenta DG8430 costs a lot more than the DG5030, about $100 more at the time of this review. So, where does the $100 go? What are the extras? Well, the Rowenta DG8430 has these additional features:

  • 1800-watt vs 1750-watt
  • Patented 400 micro steam holes with precision tip soleplate
  • Anti-calc filter system
  • Quick heat up in 3 minutes
  • Water window
  • Water can be refilled at any time without waiting for the tank to cool

Should You Buy The Rowenta DG5030 Pro Iron Steam Station?


  1. Ironing made easy – The copious amount of steam means ironing takes much quicker to complete. It really produces a lot more steam than a $50 steam iron and the generous amount helps the iron to glide over fabrics with ease. Some users have also noted that they need to iron only one side of their clothes because the deep penetration of the steam and high heat from the iron is enough to make both sides look smooth and flat. This will surely help to cut down on your ironing time.
  2. Price – While the selling price of the Rowenta DG5030 is not cheap, its price is comparable to top end steam irons. For example, the Rowenta DW9080 also sells for more than $100. And compared to other steam stations, the DG5030 is actually one of the cheaper models around. The DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact Pro 300 sells for over $200 and so are are a few other boiler units.
  3. Large tank – The tank can last you through more than 10 shirts. You can iron for an hour without having to refill. This is a far better improvement than a regular iron because with a large 12-ounce water tank, the Black & Decker D2030 will still need to be refilled after 3 to 5 shirts, even with much lesser steam emission. But with the Rowenta Pro Iron Steam Station, you can have so much more steam and yet, more than an hour use before the water starts running low.
  4. Lightweight – The iron is light – less than 3 lbs. The high amount of steam already takes out most of the wrinkles that you don’t need a heavy iron to complete the job. Because the water tank is a separate unit, there is no water in the iron itself to bog you down.


  1. Leaks – The leaks are not only coming from the soleplate but also the tank. Both of these complaints are pretty common in the customer reviews of this product. Instead of steam, water spits out and for the price, customers would expect better from Rowenta.
  2. Not durable – There are also complaints that the unit does not last. Some buyers have used it for barely a few months before it dies out.
  3. Cannot see water level – The tank does not have a clear window for you to check the water level. This leaves you guessing as to how much is left in the boiler. Also, you will need to wait for the unit to cool down before refilling which is a hassle.
  4. Takes a while to heat up – The manual mentioned 7 minutes of heating time before the steam is ready. Compared to a good quality regular steam iron like the Panasonic NI-E650TR, it takes a minute for the iron to reach the desired temperature and ready to steam. So, this is a change if you are switching to a steam station. This is not for rush jobs in the morning if you are looking for fast heat up.

The Rowenta DG5030 is not for everybody. We also don’t recommend it because of the high complaints of leaks and spits. While such issues could be due to the users’ fault at times, it also brings to attention that this model requires more care in order for it to work properly. For instance, you need to be patient and wait for the steam to be ready. Failure to do so will result in spits. It is the same practice with steam irons but for those, the waiting time is much shorter compared to this steam station.

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In short, there are a few inconveniences that come with the Rowenta DG5030 pressure iron and steamer. The upside is it is cheaper than other steam station models and it gives out lots of steam for ironing to be quicker. Unless you are on a tight budget and can bear with the hassles of this model, perhaps it is better to look elsewhere if you are shopping for a steam station.

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