DeLonghi 1750-Watt FXG175AT Iron Review

When it comes to steam irons, the DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact Pro 300 ironing system seems like a more popular choice among consumers compared to a regular DeLonghi iron. But unfortunately, the ironing system is much more expensive and if you want the DeLonghi brand, there are not many models to choose from. The DeLonghi FXG175AT 1750-watt iron is one of the very few and so, let’s look at this model in this review.

DeLonghi 1750-Watt Steam Iron Review

delonghi 1750-watt steam iron

The features of the FXG175AT iron include:

  • 1750-watt
  • Ceramic and stainless steel soleplate
  • Variable thickness soleplate
  • Steam surge
  • Vertical steam
  • Variable steam
  • Water spray
  • Self-clean
  • Anti-calc
  • 3-way auto off
  • Anti-drip
  • Soft touch comfort handle
  • Size: 6.5″ x 5.1″ x 12″

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delonghi 1750-watt ironThe DeLonghi 1750-watt steam iron is different from other brands’ irons with its unique dual material soleplate. It is a patented design, combining ceramic and stainless steel to reduce shiny patches on clothes and maintain even temperatures. The ceramic surrounds the stainless steel center with 80 steam vents altogether.

The other unique aspect is the variable thickness of the soleplate. The tip is thinner for easier accessibility in tight spots while the back is thicker for maintaining constant temperature to remove creases. For the really tough wrinkles, the super steam surge trigger on the underside of the handle will give out a puff of intense steam to penetrate deep into the fabric to loosen the fibers while the steam regulator has 4 levels of adjustable steam for you to choose from. It is in the form of an ergonomic toggle switch located at the front of the iron.

The anti-calc system will prevent limescale build-ups and the self-clean button above the tank will help to flush out minerals deposits. The temperature setting is a dial below the handle with an indicator light to let you know when the iron is ready to use.

The DeLonghi 1750-watt iron has a 360-degree swivel cord with a length of 8.5 feet. The water tank is large with a capacity of 11 ounces. You can use plain tap water with the iron.

There is a video clip below for you to find out more about this iron:

Should You Buy The DeLonghi FXG175AT?


  1. High power – For a 1750-watt iron, it’s selling price isn’t too expensive at the time of review. Some irons in the 1700-watt range sells for above $70 like the Panasonic NI-W950A and Rowenta DW5080. The current retail price on Amazon is only about $50, far less than the two models mentioned although we do notice that the price do fluctuate from time to time. Another 1700-watt iron in the same price category as this DeLonghi iron is the Rowenta DW4060.
  2. Hot and steams well – The soleplate heats up fast and the high heat level combined with the steam output is sufficient for tackling tough wrinkles and to get those sharp creases in the right places. The steam trigger on the underside of the handle is also very convenient to activate when a boost is needed.
  3. Feels solid – The iron weighs just under 3 lbs, similar to the Black & Decker Professional steam iron. It feels solid and well-made with a large 11-ounce water tank to give it further weight pressure when filled. Few irons have such large water tanks with most capping at 10 ounces. The Rowenta DW8080 is one of the very few with a larger 12.7-ounce tank than this DeLonghi iron.


  1. Doesn’t seem to be durable – There are quite a few complaints regarding the lifespan of this model from buyers. From a few months to under 2 years of use before the unit became defective (mainly the steam function) has been the frustration of some users.
  2. Extra cost – The ceramic with stainless steel soleplate is one of the selling points of this iron and it certainly adds to the cost. But at the time of writing, we have yet to see any buyers positively commenting on this soleplate and how it helps with their chore in their reviews. So, we doubt if this dual material soleplate actually makes a difference to the ironing but it is an added feature and hence, extra cost that buyers have to pay for.

The bottomline is we wouldn’t buy the DeLonghi 1750-watt steam iron with ceramic and stainless steel soleplate. The price is not that cheap for an iron with suspect durability and for $50 to $60, choices are aplenty. We would rather settle for the cheaper Black & Decker D2030 as an alternative, which is one of the best steam irons in this price category.

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Moreover, this model is hard to find among major online retailers as many no longer carry this model in their inventory. So, if it has been discontinued by DeLonghi, you might well have problems getting a replacement if you end up with a dud on your hands.

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