Help! My Iron Is Leaking Water

The main complaint with irons nowadays is that they don’t last. Steam irons have become disposable items in the household with many people having to buy replacements every year or even within a few months. Spits and leaks are the main causes of frustration although complaints of the iron simply refusing to heat up is […]

Steam Iron Features : What To Look For

We have a clothes iron buying guide to help you out if you are shopping for a unit for your home. There are tips on buying a steam iron in that guide while here, we intend to review features that are commonly found in this small appliance. Some features could be important to you while […]

Clothes Iron Buying Guide

Buying a clothes iron can be a confusing experience. Should you buy an expensive or a cheap iron? Why is it that some irons cost around $10 while others have a price tag of over $100? Should you be spending so much on an iron if all it does is to smooth out wrinkles on […]