T Fal FV4495 Ultraglide Iron Review

If you are looking for a clothes iron with an extra long cord, the T Fal FV4495 should fulfill your requirement. Of course, it also has other practical features to make it easier for you to do your ironing and so, let’s take a look at this unit in further detail in the review below.

T Fal FV4495 Review

t fal fv4495 ultraglide ironThe FV4495 offers the following features:

  • 1725-watt
  • Ultraglide ceramic soleplate
  • Steam burst of 100gram/minute
  • Continuous steam output of 35gram/minute
  • Vertical steaming
  • Easycord system
  • 3-way auto-off function
  • Self-cleaning function with calc-recollecting valve and anti-scale system
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Extra long cord
  • Size: 5.9 by 11.1 inches

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t fal fv4495 ceramic soleplateThe T Fal FV4495 Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron is very similar to another model by the same company, the FV4476 which we feel is one of the best steam irons under $50. The T Fal FV4476 is indeed cheaper of the two but it also has slightly lower power at 1700-watt and weaker burst of steam at 80gram/minute. The cord is also about 3 feet shorter. The rest of the features are more or less the same since they belong to the same series.

With a ceramic soleplate that is excellent in terms of glideability, the FV4495 also has 64 steam holes for a smoother ironing experience. 27 large steam holes and 37 microholes are spread out over the tip, left and right perimeter as well as the center of the soleplate.

You can choose the fabric/temperature settings by turning the dial that is located below the handle. The settings at the lowest end is for silk followed by synthetic, wool, linen and cotton at the upper range. The buttons at the top where your thumb could easily reach while ironing are reserved for the burst of steam and spray mist functions. The lever for variable steam output comes after the buttons. As steam irons tend to leak when they have not reached the required temperature to generate steam, T Fal has included the anti-drip feature with the FV4495 to counteract this problem.

The large water inlet with a spring-loaded cap at the front makes it easy to refill the reservoir which can take up to 9 ounces of water. You can use tap water with the T Fal FV4495. For safety, the 3-way auto-off function will ensure that the unit will stop working after 8 minutes of inactivity up on its heel and 30 seconds if laid on its sides or sitting flat horizontally.

The extra long cord for this iron measures 12 feet and can be wrapped around the large triangular heel for storage. The other function of the large heel is to provide stability to the iron, making it less likely to tip over.

You can watch this short video below for a closer look at the black T Fal FV4495:

Should You Buy The T Fal FV4495 Ultraglide Easycord Ceramic Steam Iron?


  1. Powers up fast – You would expect a 1725-watt iron to heat up quickly and in this aspect, the T Fal FV4495 does not disappoint. A buyer has commented that it reaches the desired temperature slightly quicker than the highly popular Black & Decker D2030 but we would expect it to be so given that the latter is a 1500-watt iron.
  2. Extra long cord – The 12-feet cord can be a bonus for some since not everyone can have the ironing board next to a socket. It is definitely more convenient than dragging along an extension cord each time you need to press your clothes.
  3. Easycord system – The reason for this design is to keep the cord from snagging your clothes. Rather than falling close to the iron’s heel making it easy to wrinkle up the clothes you are pressing, the Easycord keeps out of the way better than the more traditional cord design.
  4. Generates steam – Some irons hardly generate any steam on the lowest setting. This T Fal ceramic steam iron gives off acceptable steam output on all settings.
  5. Easy to handle – The FV4495 is not a particularly heavy iron (around 3 lbs) and with a very smooth soleplate, it is easy to glide it across your garments to get rid of the wrinkles.
  6. Doesn’t tip over as easily – The large heel and higher degree of inclination helps to keep the iron well-balanced on the ironing board.


  1. Poor instructions – Many buyers have commented that the manual for the T Fal FV4495 could be better written. There are many pictures to decipher and understanding them could be a problem. There are also a few buyers who have returned this model due to the terrible instructions.
  2. Spits water – While some buyers do not encounter this problem, there are others who have commented that the iron spits out water no matter the settings level. Pressing the steam burst button would also result in drops of water on your clothes.

For the same power and steam output as the T Fal FV4495, you would probably need to pay more for the higher end brands. Seen in this way, it would make this model a value-for-money buy and one of the best steam irons under $100.

But compared to the T Fal FV4476, we will need to pay about $20 more at the time of this review. For almost the same features, it does make us question if we should go one small step down and buy the FV4476 instead. What we are paying the $20 extra for is a 25-watt difference in power, higher burst of steam and longer cord.

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If you don’t need an extra long cord, that is one less benefit that you would enjoy for the higher priced FV4495. Since we don’t think 25-watt would be able to make a big difference to the performance of the iron, it will just boils down to the higher steam output to justify paying more for the unit. But because a more generous steam output makes ironing easier, it still makes us recommend a buy for the T Fal FV4495. A high customer rating and generally positive customer reviews also help to cement this recommendation.

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