T Fal FV4446 Review : Another Ultraglide Iron

T Fal has a few of these Ultraglide Easycord irons in their product line. Apart from FV4476 and FV4495, the T Fal FV4446 is another of their ceramic soleplate iron with the patented Easycord exit system. So, what is the difference among these models? Which one should you buy?

T Fal FV4446 Review

t fal fv4446 ultraglide easycord ironThe features of the T Fal FV4446 include:

  • 1700-watt
  • Ceramic soleplate
  • Burst of steam (60gram/minute)
  • Vertical steam
  • Self-cleaning
  • Anti-drip
  • Anti-scale
  • Easycord exit system
  • 3-way auto off
  • Triangle heel
  • Size: 5.9″ x 11.1″

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t fal fv4446 ceramic soleplateAt 1700-watt, the T Fal FV4446 is a pretty powerful iron. It has a ceramic soleplate which is claimed to be as durable as a stainless steel one and yet has superior gliding ability with a slickness that matches traditional nonstick surfaces. The composition of the materials and the special application process result in a unique coating that is very smooth and scratch resistant.

It has 64 steam vents on the soleplate that goes around the center and sides. Only the bottom part is missing some steam vents, unlike the Rowenta DW2090 which has micro steam holes covering the whole soleplate.

Apart from the unique ceramic coating, this iron also has a patented Easycord system like the other models under this product line. This cord design prevents clothing from being re-wrinkled when ironing unlike many other irons which usually have the cord getting in the way. The large triangular heel also deserves special mention because it provides greater stability when the iron is left standing on the board. The cord can also be conveniently wrapped around the heel when you are finished with your chore.

The temperature control is a dial below the handle and the fabric settings range from synthetics to cotton/linen. Turn the dial for selected fabrics and corresponding continuous steam output. A steam blast and spray mist feature is also available with a push of a button at the top. The T Fal FV4446 is made to use with tap water. To maintain performance of the unit, there is a self-cleaning feature and anti-scale valve to prevent calcium build-ups.

Cord length of the T Fal FV4446 is 9 feet and the water tank capacity is 9 ounces.

T Fal FV4446 Vs FV4476 Vs FV4495

t fal fv4446 vs fv4476 vs 4495

The differences between the T Fal FV4446 and FV4476 are minimal. Apart from the color (the latter’s color is teal), the FV4476 has these extras:

  • Higher continuous steam output (35 gram/minutes vs 30 gram/minute)
  • Higher burst of steam output (80 gram/minute vs 60 gram/minute)
  • Integrated anti-scale system

On the other hand, the FV4495 is in a different league compared to the FV4446 and FV4476. It costs about $20 more to put it in a higher price bracket to qualify it as one of the best irons under $100 in our opinion. While the soleplate is the same, the T Fal FV4495, which is black in color, has these following differences:

  • Higher power (1725-watt)
  • Longer cord (12-foot)
  • Higher burst of steam output (100 gram/minute)

Should You Buy The T Fal FV4446


  1. Very smooth – The soleplate is very slick and makes ironing a breeze. There is hardly any friction when you move the iron across your clothes. It glides over any kind of fabric easily with its unique nonstick coating.
  2. Heats quickly – You don’t have to wait long for the iron to heat up. It should reach the desired temperature in less than a minute.
  3. Manageable weight – The iron is not too heavy nor too light. It weighs 2.8 lbs which gives it a little weight once filled with water and yet not too heavy like the Rowenta DW9080 which already weighs 3.7 lbs when empty.
  4. Great steam – Steam output is enough to get the job done. The burst of steam also helps to get rid of tough creases on clothes.
  5. Large heel – The big base and steep incline give it stability on the ironing board. With this design, it is definitely harder for it to tip over.


  1. Leaks – Complaints from users range from minor drips on occasions to major leakages whereby water just pours out from the bottom. This problem usually arises within a few months and hence, durability could be an issue here.
  2. Dark casing – The dark red color of the iron makes it difficult to find out the water level in the tank.
  3. Price – The price of the T Fal FV4446 is about the same as the FV4476 at the time of this review. Even the list price for the latter is cheaper. Given that the FV4476 has some additional features, it does not make sense to buy the FV4446 if the selling price is the same.

Therefore, we would think that the T Fal FV4476 would be a better buy for the same price. Both are not the greatest of irons but they do a pretty good job with their nonstick Ultraglide soleplate. Since the FV4476 has more features, it isn’t surprising then that it is the more popular of the two with hundreds more customer reviews and a much better best sellers sales ranking on Amazon.

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In conclusion, check the price of both irons before you buy. You might be able to get a better deal with the T Fal FV4476 than the FV4446.

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