Singer ESP2 Steam Press Review

The Singer ESP2 steam press is quite a popular piece of appliance for those who need to get wrinkles out of their clothes and put in sharp creases where appropriate. It is not exactly cheap (it costs much more than the best Rowenta irons) but the company claimed it will reduce your ironing time by 50%. Since ironing is a dreaded chore, perhaps it is not too bad to spend close to $200 to lighten the workload each time. So, are you prepared to fork out the money to reduce your ironing time? Check out this review on the Singer ESP2 Magic steam press first then.

Singer ESP2 Steam Press Review


singer esp2 magic steam press

The unit comes with the following features:

  • 1540-watt
  • Electronic fabric temperature setting
  • Die-cast aluminum base
  • Auto shut-off with alarm
  • Burst of steam
  • Variable steam
  • Size:  25.8″ x 21.2″ x 8.2″

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singer steam pressThe pressing surface area of the Singer ESP2 Magic steam press is 24″ x 9″ which is equivalent to about 7 times the size of a conventional iron soleplate (an even larger steam press would be the Sienna Empressa with a pressing area of 34″ x 12″). But because you can do both sides at once with its two panels when shut together, the pressing area is 14 times larger and hence, your ironing time can be a lot faster compared to using a regular iron. The 100 lbs pressure also helps to eliminate the wrinkles and get the sharp creases in place.

To get the right temperature, you can adjust the electronic control panel. You can select your fabric type by pressing a button to get to your desired setting. The fabric types are nylon, silk, wool, cotton and linen – similar to most irons. On the control panel, there are also power, pressing and steam ready indicator lights. Once you switch the unit on, the power indicator light will illuminate. While it is heating up, the pressing indicator light will come on and then deactivate once the unit is ready for use. You will also know when you can activate the steam burst by checking if the steam ready light is on.

On the either side of the handle, you will find the steam burst button. Press it about 2 seconds to get a powerful burst of steam for those tough wrinkles or you can also choose to press dry for more delicate fabrics. There are 49 steam vents altogether under the covers. Once you close the pressing plate, you have 10 seconds before an alarm will sound to help you prevent your clothes from getting scorched. If you don’t raise the plate, the heater will deactivate. The auto shut-off will also kick in if you leave the steam press unattended for 15 minutes with the pressing plate opened up.

The manufacturer recommends using distilled water with the Singer ESP2. A measuring cup is provided to help you with the measurement and refilling. The water tank has a capacity of 300 mL. The whole unit weighs about 22 lbs and you can carry it easily with the pressing handle once both the panels are locked securely via a locking knob. You can then leave it upright for storage too.

Note: The Singer ESP18 is similar to the ESP2. The ESP18 has a digital LED display as its control panel.

Should You Buy The Singer ESP2 Magic Steam Press?


  1. Ironing made easy – Ironing is no fun. But with the Singer ESP2, at least you spend less time doing the chore. Many users who left reviews on this appliance on major retailers’ websites agreed that it is a time saver. For some, they even look forward to ironing for a change.
  2. Convenient handle – The steam burst button is conveniently located at both sides of the pressing handle to cater for both right and left-handed users. You can also use the handle for carrying the unit and lifting it onto the table.
  3. Plenty of steam – The steam burst is powerful and gives out plenty of steam to smooth out wrinkles on your clothes. Most users are happy with the results with their clothes coming out looking nicely pressed. If you like to iron with lots of steam, you can also take a look at a steam station as an alternative like the Rowenta DG8430 Pro Precision Station.


  1. Price – At the time of this review, the Singer ESP2 costs more (about $50 more) than the Steam Fast SF-680. Both of these models are pretty similar in terms of features and have equally good ratings from buyers. They even weigh about the same. Therefore, the Steam Fast unit would seem like a better deal although do take note that prices will change from time to time. As compared to regular irons, the ESP2 will be about $100 more costly from the top end models like Oliso TG1600 Pro Smart and Reliable Sensor Velocity V200.
  2. Defects crop up – A few customers have complained that the steam press wears out fast. The cover deteriorates with the heat stress while the steam function becomes defective after a few months to a year.
  3. Beeping sounds – The unit beeps constantly and can be a nuisance for some. The alarm will sound in 10 seconds after you close the pressing plate but there have also been a complaint or two that the presser beeps in a shorter time than that.

It does take some practice to get things right with a steam press. You might burn your fingers in the first month of use as you knock against the pressing plate when arranging your garments. The process may also seem slow as you experience with pressing pants and dress shirts. It may take a few tries each time to get rid of all the wrinkles and avoid creases in unwanted spots. So, if you decide on a steam press, beware there is a learning curve to start with. And you might still need to rely on the iron for the details if you want perfect results.

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If you are comfortable with the above, then the Singer ESP2 Magic steam press is worth a try. But we will check it against the Steam Fast SF-680 for price comparison because we feel the $50 difference at the time of writing seems a little high for similar features.

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