Rowenta DW8080 Review : Pro Master Iron

The Rowenta DW8080 is a pretty impressive iron. It is listed as a professional-grade iron and naturally, the price is on the high side. But it does have a solid feel to it and its looks also inspires confidence that it is the iron to get compared to those cheap irons with their more flimsy appearance. But does its performance match its looks? This review will explore the Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master in further detail.

Rowenta DW8080 Review

rowenta dw8080 pro master

The iron has the following features:

  • 1700-watt
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Precision tip
  • Variable steam
  • Spray mist
  • Self-cleaning
  • Burst of steam
  • Anti-drip
  • Anti-calc
  • 3-way auto off
  • Size: 12.6″ x 5.7″ x 7.1″

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rowenta pro master soleplateThe Rowenta DW8080 has a highly polished stainless steel soleplate. On the soleplate are 400 micro steam holes as well as a precision tip. Combined with 1700-watt power, the design gives greater steam diffusion for professional results. It glides smoothly and the precision tip with the steam holes ensure wrinkles in hard-to-reach places are also smoothed out.

Apart from the variable steam, the burst of steam is an extra long and powerful shot that pushes steam with high pressure into fabrics. This way, even wrinkles on thick garments can be creased out. The steam burst has an advertised capacity of 150 gram/minute. The iron can also be used for vertical steaming.

The anti-drip feature prevents the iron from spitting when it is on lower temperatures as you iron more delicate materials. You can control the temperature via a dial below the handle. The self-cleaning will help you to flush out impurities while the anti-calc will minimize scale built-up over time.

The iron will shut off automatically after 8 minutes if left unused standing upright. For safety, it will also go off in 30 seconds if it is on its side or soleplate. The Rowenta DW8080 has a large water tank of 12.7-ounce and a cord length of 7 feet with a 360-degree pivot. The handle is covered with a soft touch material that is non-slip.

To see how the features of the DW8080 and how it performs, check out this video clip below:

Rowenta DW8080 Vs DW5080

rowenta dw5080 focus iron
Rowenta DW5080

Both are very similar in terms of features including the soleplate design. The price difference between the two models is about $10 at the time of this review with the Rowenta DW5080 being the cheaper iron and possibly one of the best steam irons under $100. The differences between the DW8080 and DW5080 that we can see are:

  • Color – grey for the DW8080 vs beige for the DW5080
  • Higher steam output for the DW8080- 150 gram/minute vs 100 gram/minute
  • Larger water tank for the DW8080 – 12.7-ounce vs 10-ounce

Rowenta DW8080 Vs Dw6080

rowenta dw6080
Rowenta DW6080

The Rowenta DW6080 is the Eco-Intelligence iron with an energy-saving feature. It is only slightly more expensive as you can get it for just below $90 at the time of this posting. The most obvious difference between the DW8080 and the DW6080 is the appearance. The latter has a green and grey color combination with flowery patterns adorning the sides which you would rarely find in other models. Apart from that, the DW6080 has these additional features:

  • Patented soleplate with 3D design
  • Ergonomic rotary trigger for steam control
  • 25% energy saving through Eco Position on steam setting
  • Higher steam output (180 gram/minute vs 150 gram/minute)

However, the DW6080 has a smaller water tank of 10 ounces compared to the DW8080.

Rowenta DW8080 Vs DW9280

Rowenta DW9280
Rowenta DW9280

The Rowenta DW9280 is definitely one step up from the DW8080. It costs about $30 more but it also has more features that include the following:

  • 1800-watt
  • Pump injection technology
  • Ready-Temp LED display
  • Steam motion sensor
  • Precision shot zone
  • Higher burst of steam of 220 gram/minute

Again, the water tank is smaller than the DW8080 at 10.8-ounce. It is also slightly smaller in size but a little heavier in weight.

Should You Buy The Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master Steam Iron?


  1. Powerful iron – Most buyers find that the iron gets really hot  with lots of steam to smooth out even the thicker materials. Stubborn wrinkles can be gotten rid of with the powerful steam burst as well.
  2. Cuts down on ironing time – Ironing time is shorter as the wrinkles are gone in two or three strokes. Copious amount of steam emitting from the iron ensures ironing is made faster and easier.
  3. German product – This is a German product unlike Rowenta’s lower end models such as the DW2070. The general feeling is that the German made irons are more durable and of better quality overall compared to the Chinese made ones.
  4. Well-built – There is good weight to the iron at about 3.5 lbs and together with the 12.7-ounce water tank, it can get pretty hefty once filled with water. The DW8080 feels sturdy in your hands with little trace of flimsiness like those found in a $10 iron.


  1. Dark water tank – The water level in the reservoir is difficult to read because of the dark color. You will have to lift the iron up and tilt it before you can get an idea how much water is left in the tank. There is also a risk of overfilling since it is hard to see where the water level is at. If you want a clearer tank, you can take a look at the Panasonic 360 Freestyle iron.
  2. Spits water – There are complaints of water dribbling onto clothes even when the iron is still fairly new.
  3. Runs down water quickly – The Rowenta DW8080 uses lots of water. Some customers commented that they need to refill after every 2 shirts. But the upside is it emits lots of steam which explains the rate at which it guzzles water. If you want lots and lots of steam and a much larger tank, you can consider the Rowenta DG5030 Pro Iron Steam Station,

Generally, we like the Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master based on the numerous customer reviews. Praises for the steam emission are aplenty. You will get a well-built iron that will make the chore much more bearable.

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The only problem with the Pro Master is the high price and the risk that it would not last due to water leaks. This is probably true for all top end Rowenta irons. But if you want an iron that gives you lots and lots of steam with a nice sturdy feel and precision soleplate, you will have to take the risk with this Rowenta.

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