Reliable Velocity V50 Steam Iron Review

Fancy an orange colored iron for a change? Well, the Reliable Velocity V50 certainly has a very striking and futuristic look. While it is different from regular irons at a glance, the more important consideration is whether it is worth the price. This review will look at the features as well as the good and bad points of the Reliable V50.

Reliable Velocity V50 Review

reliable velocity v50 iron

The features of the iron include the following:

  • 1800-watt
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Auto shut-off
  • Digital temperature control
  • Continuous steam
  • Steam ready
  • Vertical steam
  • Anti-scale
  • Size: 5.8″ x 4.2″ x 13″

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reliable v50 steam ironThe Reliable Velocity series is expensive because it has a dual heating element in its design. The steam has been produced before the water reaches the soleplate using a separate heating element inside the unit. This is why the V50 does not drip and leak, even at low temperatures. It will give out continuous steam at all heat levels with a push of a button at the side near your thumb as you grip the handle. As the steam button is located at both sides of the unit, activation is convenient for both left and right-handed users.

The soleplate of this 1800-watt iron is made of stainless steel with steam holes located near the tip. It does not have hundreds of micro steam holes like those found on the Rowenta DW9280, but only a handful concentrated near the tip for more steam pressure as it penetrates deeply into the fibers of the fabric.

Rather than a rotating dial, the V50 uses a digital temperature indicator. The button is at the top with 4 settings to choose from. While auto shut-off is available, the steam ready function can bypass the auto shut-off for those who are working on sewing projects.

This Reliable steam iron has a 8.2-foot cord and a water tank size of about 10 ounces.

Below is a video clip that better explains why this model is being promoted as drip and leak-free:

Reliable Velocity V50 vs V200

reliable v200 iron
Reliable Velocity V200

The Velocity V200 is a more advanced model with more bells and whistles. It is a step up from the V50 with its hard anodized aluminum soleplate which is tougher and eco-intelligent feature which is designed to save water and electricity. Left idle for 3 seconds, the iron will stop steaming to conserve water and power.

The V200 also has a steam sensor which is built into the handle. When the iron is lifted up, the sensor will reactivate the steaming function. It also has a dual heating element like the V50 but instead of a digital control, it uses a knob for temperature settings.

Should You Buy The Reliable V50 Iron?


  1.  Auto shut-off bypass – This is one of the features that gets many quilters and sewers interested. You have the safety feature there when needed and you can also bypass the auto shut-off when you are working on your projects. This way, the iron will not shut off unless manually turned off by the user. This feature is unique to the Velocity irons. At most, you can get an iron without an auto-off feature for your sewing like the Rowenta DW5197 but it will be hard to find another that has a override option.
  2. Continuous steam – The Reliable V50 has a drawback in that it does not have a steam blast feature like the best Rowenta irons do. But it has a continuous steam option with a push of a button which emits ample steam to get rid of wrinkles, even a low temperatures. Many buyers have commented on how well it steams which makes ironing easier.


  1. Settings easily changed – The location of the temperature control near the handle means you can accidentally change the settings without realizing it.
  2. Defect complaints – The iron has quite a few complaints on defects from buyers. Some complained about having a defective auto-off function while others noted of loud sounds coming from the iron when it is steaming.
  3. High water intake – The V50 uses quite a lot of water as it blows out steam continuously. You might need to refill the tank after ironing 2 to 3 shirts. But because you have to use distilled water with the iron, the cost can add up over time.

The Reliable Velocity V50 costs over $100 at the time of writing. Not a cheap steam iron by any means but the selling point lies in its ability to steam at low temperatures which makes it ideal for silk and wool materials. All those $50 units will be lacking in this department even if they are the best steam irons in their price category.

Having said that though, there is still no guarantee that it doesn’t leak although the dual heating element is supposed to eliminate the problem with leaks and drips. There are still buyers who complained that the iron leaks after a while. But to be fair, the iron does steam well at all temperatures with no leaks when it is working perfectly.

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We are not enthusiastic to recommend a buy for the Reliable Velocity V50 iron. It is too high a price to pay given the number of defect complaints that littered the review section of major online retailers. Otherwise, it should be a great iron with its continuous steam feature. If you are looking for an iron with ample steam even at low temperatures, then this is a risk you will have to take. Otherwise, you can look at ironing systems like the Reliable i300 which can give you plenty of steam even on the nylon setting with 2 hours of continuous steaming all the way.

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