Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 Iron Review

Reliable irons are a little different from Rowenta’s in terms of design and features. Price-wise, they are just as expensive but they have unique features that supposedly can help to ease your task. Whether these features can really make ironing less problematic remains debatable but the Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 boasts of a patented technology that claims to have no leaks and spits commonly found in steam irons.

Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 Review

reliable v200 iron

The features of this iron are:

  • 1800-watt
  • Hard anodized aluminum soleplate
  • Sensor touch technology
  • Anti-scale
  • Auto shut-off
  • Steam ready
  • Vertical steam
  • Variable steam
  • Anti-drip
  • Eco-intelligent
  • Size: 13″ x 5″ x 6.5″

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reliable v200 soleplateThe Reliable V200 has a hard anodized aluminum soleplate which is slicker, tougher and more scratch-resistant than aluminum alone. The inner plate of magnesium also increases the overall strength of the soleplate. Near the tip are the steam holes, unlike most Rowenta irons (e.g. Rowenta DW4060) whereby the holes are scattered all over the soleplate. The far fewer number of steam holes is to ensure concentration of steam pressure so that it can better penetrate fabric to remove wrinkles.

The other notable technology of the Reliable Velocity series is the two heating element design. Most conventional steam irons rely solely on the heated soleplate to change water into steam but this means they tend to drip when set at lower temperatures. For the Velocity iron, the water is already heated internally before it flows to the soleplate. This is why the manufacturer has claimed that the iron will continue to steam and will not drip even when it is on the cooler settings.

The Eco-intelligent is another unique feature of the Velocity unit. What it does is to stop the steaming process when the iron is put down for longer than 3 seconds. This saves you power and water as a result. When the iron is picked up, the steaming is re-activated because of the built-in steam sensor which responds to a touch on the handle. For the steam settings, you have a choice of medium and maximum steam pressure with an output of 15 gram/minute and 30 gram/minute respectively. The temperature control is a knob at the front of the iron.

This model not only has an auto shut-off function but also a mechanism to bypass the auto shut-off should the need arises. This works well for quilters and sewers who need to leave their unit on indefinitely. Otherwise, the iron will shut off after 8 minutes of inactivity.

The Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 has a cord length of slightly over 8 feet. The tank can take in about 10 ounces of water. Distilled water is recommended to be used with this iron and the tank should be emptied each time after use.

Should You Buy The Reliable V200 Iron?


  1. Puts out lots of steam – The 1800-watt power and dual heating element ensures steam is ready quickly and reliably. Steam is also visible on lower settings which not many irons can claim to do. Another self-contained iron with lots of steam output with 1800-watt of power would be the Rowenta DW9080 Steamium.
  2. Auto-off override – The Reliable Velocity iron is probably the only one that has this special feature that allows users to bypass the auto shut-off. Quilters and sewers will like this option while still leaving the iron safe for use for other people in the household.
  3. Dual heating element – For many customers, the appliance does not leak or drip which is a nice change from the usual complaints of wet spots on clothes for most steam irons. The two heating element certainly helps here although for a tiny group of buyers, the leaks are still there.


  1. Steam buttons location – The steam buttons are pretty sensitive and with their location at the top, it is easy to accidentally change the steam setting while ironing or grabbing the handle.
  2. Stop working – The majority of customers have said that while the iron works, its performance is superior to other models. But the problem for some is that the appliance does not last long. It quits working after a few months of use when durability is expected given the price.
  3. No steam blast – The Reliable V200 has continuous steam but no blast of steam feature like most irons do. So, if you have got used to having that steam jet coming through for stubborn wrinkles, you are going to be a little disappointed with this missing feature.

In conclusion, we don’t recommend a buy for the Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 iron. The price is too expensive and you can get the Rowenta DG5030 Pro Iron Steam Station for less. While it may not have a high risk of leaks compared to other brands, there is still a risk of it failing within a short period of time as quite a few customers have experienced. Unless we are confident of its durability, the price is too high to risk a buy. The same can be said of the other Velocity iron, i.e. the Reliable V50. But at least, the V50 is cheaper and hence, the risk could be more palatable to buyers overall.

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However, quilters and sewers might see more value in the Reliable V200 because of the auto shut-off override. But then again, you can get the Rowenta DW5197 which has no auto shut-off feature at all if you are into sewing and that costs much less than this Reliable iron.

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