Oliso TG1100 Smart Iron Review

If you want a smart iron, naturally you will have to pay more for it. The Oliso TG1100 is another model that uses that iTouch technology that is unique to this brand. It is an award-winning design and the review below will let you know why. However, while the design is unique and practical, is the iron up to the mark in terms of performance?

Oliso TG1100 Review

Oliso TG1100 smart iron

First, let us check out the features of this iron:

  • 1800-watt
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Detailer tip
  • iTouch technology
  • Quad auto shut-off
  • Anti-drip
  • Tripleplay Xtremesteam
  • Vertical steam
  • Steam burst
  • Variable steam
  • Spray mist
  • Pivoting cord
  • Size: 11.4” (L) x 4.9” (W) x 5.9” (H)

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oliso tg1100 smart steam ironThe 1800-watt Oliso TG1100 uses a stainless steel soleplate that has undergone a chromium beadblast process to give it a textured surface that is more scratch-resistant, durable and easy to glide. Steam holes are scattered throughout the soleplate and steam is disbursed via continuous steam and steam burst options.

When continuous steam mode is selected, constant steam will be emitted when the handle is touched. You can also get a strong burst of steam to erase stubborn wrinkles by pushing the steam button. Vertical steaming is also available with the same steam burst function. This is the Tripleplay Xtremesteam feature listed in its product description.

As for the iTouch technology, the iron lowers with the touch of your hand. When you need to re-arrange your garment, the iron will lift up as you release your hand from the handle and the steaming stops. There is no more necessity to lift and place the iron vertically on its heel which saves time and energy. This is the award-winning design that generates so much interest in the Oliso iron.

The Oliso TG1100 also has an auto shut-off feature. It will be in shut down mode if left untouched for 8 minutes. But if tilted, the heat will turn off in 30 seconds. In the event that the iTouch feature is off, the legs will extend if the unit is left idle after 30 seconds and the heat will shut down after 1 minute of inactivity. Touching the handle again will re-activate the iron.

The cord length of the Oliso TG1100 is 10 feet 8 inches. Water tank capacity is 12.7 ounces and regular tap water is recommended to be used. 100% distilled water is to be avoided because it will remove minerals from the metals inside the iron causing the unit to leak.

This video clip below will show you the unique features of this Oliso iron. Watch it for a better understanding of how it works:

Note: There is a pink edition to the Oliso TG1100 to support breast cancer research. Apparently, a portion of the sale of the Oliso TG1100 Pink Smart Iron goes to the Cancer Research Foundation.

Oliso TG1100 vs TG1600

oliso tg1600 pro smart
Oliso TG1600 Pro Smart Iron

There are a few differences between the two models. They have the same soleplate material but the number of steam holes differ. The TG1100 has more steam holes but the TG1600 has larger flat space for pressing which works better for sewers and quilters. However, the steam power for both models are the same regardless of the number of steam holes.

The auto shut-off time is also different for the two units. The Oliso TG1600 Pro Smart will only shut down after 30 minutes of being idle compared to 8 minutes for the TG1100. The cord is also longer at 12 feet for the TG1600.

Should You Buy The Oliso TG1100 Steam Iron?


  1. New technology – The iTouch technology is Oliso’s main selling point. There is no more lifting and setting the iron down on its heel which means you save time and strength when you are ironing. On top of that, it is safer because there is less risk of the appliance tipping over and landing on the floor since you can place it horizontally at all times. The horizontal position also carries less risk of burns and injuries since the soleplate is not exposed.
  2. Easy to use – With the auto-lift, the iron is not only easy but fun to use.  The controls are all at the top right in front of you, including the temperature selector, which means no more accidental knocking of the rotating dial which is commonly found below the handle for most irons. The water tank opening is at the side with easy access. Refilling is also simple to do with the fill cup. Steam output is ample with a slick soleplate that glides easily across fabrics.
  3. Right weight – The Oliso TG1100 weighs about 3.7 lbs, just a tad heavier than the Rowenta DW8080. It is comparable to high end Rowenta irons in build to give you a professional weight iron for wrinkles removal but without the need to lift and lower the unit all the time while doing your chore.


  1. Auto-lift fails – The auto-lift tends to fail going by some customers’ complaints. A few even mentioned that the feet does not lift up properly out of the box. In other words, the feet can get jammed and renders the auto-lift feature redundant.
  2. High price – The TG1100 costs over $100 at the time of review. It is even more expensive than the Rowenta DW9280 with its Smart Steam Motion and the Reliable Velocity V50 with its dual heating element.

Basically, the question is would you pay more to get the auto-lift feature. Take out the iTouch technology, and you will have an ordinary steam iron. The bottomline is it is hard to give this iron a good recommendation when the main selling feature does not seem to work perfectly at times. The various user complaints about the problem with the auto-lift means you will be taking a big risk if you are buying this iron for that convenience.

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Of course, if you can’t live without the auto-lift feature due to health reasons, then you are left with no choice. But if you can make do without it, we think you can definitely get a cheaper steam iron that irons better with ample steam output. The Panasonic NI-W950A is a case in point.

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