T Fal Prima FV3756 Review

t fal prima fv3756

The T Fal Prima packs quite a few features for a $20 iron. It kinds of surprise us at first glance of the product description because most clothes irons in these price range would be missing oneĀ or more of these features. But does that make the T Fal FV3756 one of the best steam irons […]

T Fal FV4446 Review : Another Ultraglide Iron

t fal fv4446 ultraglide easycord iron

T Fal has a few of these Ultraglide Easycord irons in their product line. Apart from FV4476 and FV4495, the T Fal FV4446 is another of their ceramic soleplate iron with the patented Easycord exit system. So, what is the difference among these models? Which one should you buy? T Fal FV4446 Review The features […]

T Fal FV4495 Ultraglide Iron Review

t fal fv4495 ultraglide iron

If you are looking for a clothes iron with an extra long cord, the T Fal FV4495 should fulfill your requirement. Of course, it also has other practical features to make it easier for you to do your ironing and so, let’s take a look at this unit in further detail in the review below. […]

T Fal FV4476 Review : Ultraglide Easycord Iron

t fal fv4476 ultraglide easycord iron

T Fal is best known for its affordable home products like cookware, toasters and deep fryers. Irons too are part of its wide range of product categories and the T Fal FV4476 is, in fact, one of the top selling steam irons in the market. It has a ceramic soleplate and while such a plate […]