Black & Decker Professional Steam Iron Review

black & decker professional steam iron

Apart from Rowenta and Panasonic, the other notable brand for steam irons with more model choices is Black & Decker. In this review, we are looking at the Black & Decker Professional steam iron, a highly affordable model with loads of features. It may not compare favorably against the best Rowenta irons, but it may […]

Black & Decker IR03V Review : Easy Steam Iron

black & decker ir03v iron

The Black & Decker IR03V is another one of those irons for the budget conscious shopper. When you have a tight budget to work on, it is natural to look for a reputable brand name┬ábecause many cheap irons simply do not work well. But is the Black & Decker name enough to make this iron […]

Black & Decker F210 Review : SmartTemp Iron

black & decker smarttempiron

The Black & Decker F210 is a cheap steam iron. So cheap that it may leave you wondering if it actually works. But for such a small investment, perhaps it is worth it to give it a try. As long as we keep our expectations in line, maybe this iron could prove to be a […]

Black & Decker F67E Classic Iron Review

black and decker f67e classic iron

The Black & Decker F67E is a cheap iron but with a difference. It has a classic look like the one that your grandma used to have. The old school design would not please everybody but more importantly, it works for the small price that you pay compared to the $100 that you would spend […]

Black & Decker D2030 Review

black & decker d2030 digital advantage iron

It is rare that you will find a steam iron that sells so well. With a few thousand reviews now on Amazon, the Black & Decker D2030 Auto Off Digital Advantage Iron is one of the top sellers in its category. With a high rating given by consumers and its inexpensive retail price, it is […]