The Search For The Best Ironing Board

reliable c30 the board

We have been looking at the reviews of ironing boards and realize that it is hard to find a perfect one. What works for one may not be ideal for another. Size, weight, height and padding thickness are some of the features that attract different preferences from users. While you may like a sturdy board, […]

Rowenta Iron Reviews : The Best-Selling Models

rowenta dw9280 steam force iron

Rowenta are renowned for their steam irons. Many people do not want to use any other brand except Rowenta¬†because they believe it is the best out there to get rid of wrinkles on their clothes. But are all their models worth a buy? With so many different models available, which are duds and which one […]

Best Steam Irons Under $100

The cost of a steam iron can vary greatly. While those clothes iron under $50 should be able to get the job done, there are also good reasons why you should spend more and get a better quality model. Usually, the higher end irons are able to generate more steam and hence, wrinkles are easier […]